About Me

About Me

I live off the coast of northern Oregon, in a very small town. My wife and I moved here a couple of years ago from a large metropolitan area. We are still coming to grips with moving into a much smaller house, as well as having to deal with fewer amenities and limited cultural opportunities. But as I write this, it has stopped raining, the sun is about to set into the ocean…and I couldn’t be happier.

I recently retired from a career in landscape design. I intend to use this blog to write about the joys and challenges of my retirement. There are many things that I am passionate about, and I intend to write about those things as well: travel, photography, music, gardening, the environment, sports, and history. Retirement provides me with the opportunity to take deep dives into each of them.

I won’t be handing out advice, and I won’t be writing posts with silly headlines like: “15 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Retiring” or “10 Things You Need To Do Every Day”. There are lots of things I want to see and do and reflect upon and photograph, so stay tuned, and we’ll find out together how I deal with the leisure time I have been granted in my retirement.

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