No blue, no green.

No blue, no green.

Living so close to the ocean has inspired me to learn more about it and do what I can to protect it. A friend of mine recently made me aware of a fairly new organization called Blue Ring. I looked into them and found their mission statement: “The ocean gives us life. Without it, there could be none. No ocean, no life. No blue, no green”. That was enough for me; where do I sign up?

Each year, Blue Ring intends to fund an initiative in support of ocean research. This year, the $25 annual membership fees will go toward funding two submersibles that will be used for deepwater research and exploration. Contributors receive a blue ring or a pendant, made from recycled materials.

Climate change is real, and we need to continue to expand our knowledge base through exploration and data gathering. It can feel like there is very little that a single person can do to combat climate change and protect our oceans. Step one for me was volunteering with COASST to monitor marine debris on a nearby beach. Step two was marrying the ocean through BlueRing. Show your support for the ocean by learning more about Blue Ring here.

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  1. It can seem overwhelming and some may wonder “how can I, just one person make a difference?” Each and every one of us has the power to make a difference. Consider making a donation to

    Thank you, Roger for helping to spread the word!

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